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Welcome to the World of Printer Support & Assistance. Our aim is to serve you the best for all your printer related needs. We are globally renowned by the users and work for all kinds of printers available in the industry. Our brand consists of experienced experts who are capable of providing all kind of Printer support. All our experts are dedicated to working on printers and computers, helping you to get best experience while you use your unit.

We provide service for all types of problems related to printers regarding repairs, malfunctioning, printing issues, connectivity issues, and related things are handled by our experts. We believe in repairing the things at the earliest and at the best. We do prioritize time over money, but that can be set to customer’s preference, if he / she want to repair any particular part instead of replacements.

Reaching out to us is quite easy as that can be made easily via our website by requesting for an On – Site Visit. You can also call us at our toll free number, and can even visit us at our office for a faster resolution. All the repairs that we take are diagnosed within 24 hours, and the repairs take next 24 hours to finish unless it’s a hardware dependability which is not present with the experts. Prints are quite necessary in every industry, with the income of computers & mobile devices, most of the communication happens online, and that needs to be taken down in hard copy. This is the place all the offices / schools / homes require a printer. Printer is a most required hardware along with a computer system.

Printers can malfunction in a couple of different ways, which includes connectivity issues with the computer, printing issues with the toner / ink / drum, issues with the moving part of the printer, etc. All our experts are well trained to deal with all the above issues, and even the on-site visit team of the experts have all the necessary equipment to process the repair on the spot.

Our Printer Support Experts team consists of a diagnostic team who is experienced in finding out the problem associated with the printer. A printer have many different part, and especially the all in one printers that are quite large in capacity have tons of different parts loaded. Hence our Diagnostic team finds out the issue at the earliest so the repair team can work on to repair / replace the faulty part at the earliest.

From the small home size Printers to large sized printers we repair all different kinds of printers, and also provide troubleshooting steps for all the printers. Our maintenance team have a person who is well educated with all the printers, and is familiar with all the different menus that might be present in the printer. He / she is even responsible for making you go through all the steps and teach you how to do any particular task. If you want your Printers to stay healthy and without any hazel keep on working for daily needs, then keep them maintained with our support.

Our brand is famous for following support and services for all printer brands:

  • "Installation / Relocation of a New / Old Printer"
  • "Installation / Re-installation / Troubleshooting of Driver Issues related to Printer on PC"
  • "Connecting a Printer with the Network for using it with multiple devices"
  • "Repairs of Printers"
  • "Refilling of the Cartridges"
  • "Guiding the user with different features of the Printer"

These are some of the services that we offer and have trained all our professionals to deal with the same. We also give the customers a backup of all the drivers, and even a user friendly manual self-constructed by us to the customers to take care of their respective printers. We deals in all the printer manufacturers, although we have dedicated experts for the following companies.

What Our Clients Say

Issues with my Office Printers were easily fixed and Maintained by New Printer Support. Thank you New Printer Support Team
Howard Chavez


Maxim Z

Lead Systems Engineer at EPAM Systems